How to Make a Chalkboard Sign Even If You Are NOT An Artist!  |  Robyns.World

Chalkboard signs are all the rage right now.  BUT… I am not an artist, I love to craft, but that does not mean I’m overly artistic at all. When my twin granddaughters turned one in March I wanted to make some really super cool, amazing, awesome, artistic, fantastic chalkboard signs like I have seen on Pinterest and around the internet. I started searching and found several people selling them with custom information, I found some paid and free templates, and a lot of tutorials for those fancy chalkboard signs.


I would love to do it all myself but it honestly was overwhelming when going through the tutorials to make the fancy chalkboard signs. Life has been hectic, to say the least, for me lately and I just could not work myself up to all those details. I needed a better way….

I can do it alone!  (so can you)


1st Birthday Chalkboard Signs - Homemade by Me!  |  Robyns.World

So maybe they are not quite as pretty as some of them with perfect handwriting and fonts that you see on Pinterest and on other blogs. So what?!? My twin granddaughters surely did not notice because, hey, they are just turning one year old! Everyone else at the party seemed to really like them though. Nothing fancy, just my own handwriting, squiggles, lines, dots, and such. I think when the Violet and Valerie look back at pictures (when they are much older) from their 1st birthday party they will love that GaGa (that’s me) made these for them!

Obligatory (ha – twist my arm) pictures of the girls at their 1st birthday party….

Valerie and Violet enjoying their 1st birthday cakes!   Robyns.World

Honestly, these chalkboard signs are EASY! I promise! I went to Michael’s craft store and bought 2 large chalkboards – watch for them to be on sale. Then I also bought a package of Versachalk Chalkboard Markers. That’s all I bought for the entire project! Less than $25 for both boards I believe.

Next I went on Pinterest, Etsy, and some blogs and found examples of these birthday chalkboard signs. Just to see what kind of information they had on them, how they were formatted, colors, etc. I came up with an idea of my own and between myself and the twins mommy, Caitlan, I got the answers for everything I wanted to put on the chalkboard signs. Since I had two signs to make, one for each twin, I just did each step one by one on each board. So I put Violet’s name on the first board, then I did Valerie’s name on the second board in the same style. Next I added that they were “1” and the little lines on each, then I moved on to each other part on each sign.

Homemade Birthday Chalkboard Signs by Robyns.World

Again, I used Versachalk Chalkboard Markers which work a lot like paint markers. You kind of have to prime them when you first open them by pressing the nib down on some scrap paper to get the chalk flowing. Once that happens just go, go, go! I love these chalk markers because they are super bright, as you can see, and they don’t easily wipe off dry. You just need a wet paper towel or cloth to remove the chalk markers when you either a) mess up or b) want to change the sign to something else. I buff the boards out with a dry paper towel after removing all the chalk markers. Super easy!

Don’t be afraid to just do your own thing on any personalized chalkboard sign that you want to make. It is okay if it is not picture perfect! There are no chalkboard sign police who are going to come and poo-poo on you for making your sign in the best way you can. It doesn’t matter if it is for a birthday, wedding, graduation, holiday, a special dinner, or anything else you would like it to be. Your guests will appreciate just the fact that you took the time to make the event personalized.

Have you hesitated about making chalkboard signs because you thought you could not make it look as good as others you see? Have you ever actually made any chalkboard signs? I would love to know any tips, tricks, or comments you have about this craft project.