I was planning on posting this before but life happens. The infographic is too amazing to not share though. It is all about vegetables and all the different varieties!

Growing up I was pretty limited to veggies, but so were most other people. It was not until after I got married, and then still several more years, that I really discovered fresh vegetables and how delicious, healthy, and amazing they are. Now I love vegetables!

I’ve actually started lowering our grocery bill and at the same time cooking healthier meals for the family by adding more veggies and using less meat. It’s a win/win situation!

If you think you do not like vegetables, I urge you to try them again. Many of us grew up with a lot of canned veggies, and while some canned vegetables aren’t bad, there are many that just get soggy and icky in a can. Using fresh veggies really is not hard to do at all and the flavor and texture is so different.

If you need some inspiration I have lots of vegetable recipes here on my blog.

What is your favorite vegetable and how do you prepare it most often?

The Various Varieties of Vegetables

Be sure to click the image above to make it larger to see all the details!