Neighbors - The Good and the Bad | Robyns.World

I’m taking my own advice and using and writing today using my 52 Prompts for Bloggers. I’m starting out at the top of the list which is a prompt about neighbors.

So I have lots of neighbors and I’ve lived in the same place for over 20 years so I have seen many come and go also. There have been a few I’ve been happy to see leave, but many I do miss.

My example of what makes a bad neighbor is right next door to me. Ugh. Now when she moved in we were very nice to her and she was to us. She is all alone and so we even had her over at holidays with our own family several times. But a few years ago something changed, and I’m not sure what that was, but now she is definitely what I would call a bad neighbor.

One of our biggest issues is that she is a feral cat hoarder. She feeds all these cats and wants to pet them and such outside, but takes no responsibility for them and doesn’t want others to either. She refuses to get any of them spayed or neutered which has led to a huge population explosion. She also never gets any vaccinations or other medical care for them even when it is obvious they are sick or injured. Now I love cats, but I think they should be indoor pets unless you live on a farm or something. These cats are everywhere and they poop in our yard, they get on top of my car, they kill birds, and are most likely spreading disease. Finally the city’s animal control is doing something and has put out traps and been trying to catch the feral cats. When they started this last week though the neighbor lady went crazy on the animal control lady and even shoved her! Animal control had to call the police to help them and the neighbor was outside screaming and yelling at all them all.

If that weren’t bad enough, the neighbor also likes to call the police about us. Her living room window looks out on our patio and she constantly watches us. We are friendly people though and the other neighbors often stop by and chat with us and hang out. I cannot tell you how many times she has called the police on us claiming we are too loud. Every single time the police come and they always say we are not too loud but they have to respond. She called the police one day because our dog, Annie, had apparently knocked over one of our solar yard lights and it was shining in her window. Now I don’t have a problem with fixing that but she could have just come over and asked us, but no, she called the police. The police even seem annoyed with her and all of her calls.

I could go on and on about things she does that make her a bad neighbor, but I think you get the picture. We just try to avoid her at all costs. She is the kind of person that makes you want to move out to the country and not have any neighbors for miles and miles.

On the flip side we do have some really great neighbors. Across the street from us is a young family and they have twins as well. A bit older than my grandbabies, but I love to make a fuss over them too. We know that these neighbors are always here for us if we need anything and are happy to help. Like this week Hubby will be out of town for work the night the trash cans go to the curb. With my broken foot I won’t be able to get the cans from the back all the way to the front but the neighbor says he will take care of it for me. These are the neighbors I go and ask to borrow an egg or some milk or such too. We just adore them and wish all of our neighbors were so sweet and friendly.

One of my favorite little things about them also is that whenever any of us see the other outside we wave and yell “Hi Neighbor!” – it’s silly I know, but it is nice. Even their kids do it which is adorable. It makes me smile every time.

So those are my examples of good and bad neighbors. We try ourselves to be good neighbors. Every time someone new moves in near us we always go over and introduce ourselves and welcome them. Hubby never does any yard work before 9am and if we are outside later at night we don’t have loud music playing or anything. If someone needs to borrow something we are happy to share, that even includes outdoor tools and such and even letting them use our computers, wi-fi, and just about anything else. We watch out for other’s homes, remember when I called 911 because I heard the neighbors smoke detector? We keep an eye out on the kids when they are out playing and just generally try to be good people.

Do you have any stories about good or bad neighbors to share?