Are you still searching for a lottery win like I am? Although I do not always buy a lottery ticket, I do buy them fairly often. My feeling is you can’t win the lottery unless you play the lottery. I only buy one ticket per lottery game at any given time. To me, the $1-$2 price is worth the entertainment value of me dreaming of what I will do when I win (you’ve got to think positive). Hubby poo-poos my lottery tickets but I tell him if he is doing that then when I win I will not share my prize money with him.

lottery tickets

I do love to dream about my lottery winnings. Things I think I would do, depending on how much I win, would include, in no particular order:

  • Buying a new house – probably custom built. I don’t need a mansion, but it would be awesome to be able to design my dream home!
  • Help my son – I don’t know exactly what he needs right now, but I have some ideas, I would help him get the help he needs to be a happy and healthy man – if he wants the help.
  • Paying all my bills – I don’t have a ton of debt, but it would be so nice to be debt-free for once
  • Hire a financial planner – if I win a lot I will be kind of clueless on what to do with all of it as far as investing, taxes, etc.
  • Buy a brand new car for both myself and Hubby. I would get my dream Lexus. I think Hubby might want his dream truck.
  • Set up a trust fund for my kids and grandkids.
  • Pay off the mortgages for my parents and Hubby’s parents.
  • Donate my current home to another family – a family who struggles but tries hard and just needs a break in life.
  • Hire a housekeeper – I need someone like Alice, from The Brady Bunch. I don’t need her to do everything, but it would be awesome to have someone else do the cleaning and help with the cooking, laundry, and the like.
  • IF I WIN REALLY BIG – I would love to buy a big chunk of property in the St. Louis area and have a custom home built for myself, my parents, my in-laws, my brother, Caitlan and the babies, my cousin (who is like a sister) Jamie and her family, my nephew, Justin, and anyone else I can think of that I love. I think it would be fun to have our own compound, but still plenty of distance between each house for privacy. This would include golf carts for all the homes too so we can drive to each other’s homes to visit often.
  • Help some of my readers/followers – there are some readers of my blog and followers on social media that I have “known” for such a long time. These folks have always been supportive of me in so many ways and I know many of them could use financial help for things in their own life. I would try to help them with those things to make their lives better too. For example I know of a few folks who need dental work done, I would love to be able to pay for all the work they need. Another example is families with members who have mental health issues or special needs. If I have the ability to share I really want to be able to do this because I know it has always meant so much to me when someone has been able to help me and my family over the years.
  • Donate to charity – There are several causes that I feel strongly about, the most important is mental health, but I would give to as many as I could.
  • Travel – I love to travel and would take as many trips as I could all over the world. If Hubby doesn’t want to go I will find someone else to travel with me.

My infographic for this week is all about the lottery through the eyes of the Bing search engine (it’s my favorite search engine) that I thought you all would find interesting. Bing is how I easily check lottery tickets after each drawing.

Do you buy lottery tickets? Do you dream of what you would do with the money? Share some of the things you would do in the comments, I would love to hear them!



lottery infographic from bing