Do you and the kids take a lot of digital photos? Use your photos in this fun photo placemats project. This is a great craft project for the adults and kids to work together on and get creative. The ideas and options for this project are endless!

Fun Photo Placemats Project - Use Your Smartphone Photos | Robyns.World

Last Friday I mentioned this photo placemats project when I hosted the #MobileLiving chat and it got a lot of positive reaction. On a side note, the #MobileLiving chat is generally each Friday afternoon at 3pm ET on Twitter and we talk about how to use all your mobile devices to make life more fun and easier! Join us! For that reason I thought I would go ahead and make up some new ones and give step by step instructions of this fun family craft project.


  • Your choice of photos printed to 8×10
  • laminating machine (or service)
  • colored card stock (optional)
  • thin glue (optional, but needed if using card stock)
  • stickers (optional)
  • markers (optional)


The basic idea for the photo placemats is very simple. Print out your favorite smartphone photos as 8″x10″ size. Then laminate the photo prints. These will thrill the kids alone, promise. The Porsche placemat below is just as simple as that. One photo printed to 8×10 and laminated.

Porsche - Fun Photo Placemats Project - Use Your Smartphone Photos | Robyns.World


You can easily print out your favorite photos on your home printer if you like. However, a big 8×10 print of a photo can use up quite a bit of ink. If this is an issue you can use places like Shutterfly. You can even pick up your Shutterfly orders locally at Walgreens, CVS and Target! There are coupons regularly.  For those using Shutterfly I am an affiliate and here are some current coupon codes to use:

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Once you have smartphone photos printed out you can laminate them as they are. If you want to get more creative, try some of the examples below before the lamination step. I happen to have a small laminating machine at home and it is quick and easy to feed the photos through and seal them up. For those without a laminator at home you have a couple of other options. They do sell self-laminating pouches that don’t require any machine. You can also use clear contact paper on both sides to laminate the placemats. Office supply stores also offer laminating services. Last check, OfficeMax does it for $1.99.

Penguins at the Zoo - Fun Photo Placemats Project - Use Your Smartphone Photos | Robyns.World


As I said earlier, the possibilities of this project are pretty endless. There are plenty of ways to get more creative with them. The kids will really enjoy some of these options. Here are a few ideas on how you can change up the photo placemats to get your started:

  • Mount on colored paper. This will frame the photo a bit more and make the placemats a bit sturdier as well. Use just a small amount of very thin glue or double-sided tape in the corners of the photo and then center on the colored paper. Then laminate.
  • Add stickers. Put the thin stickers right on the photos or the colored paper before laminating. Kids generally have lots of stickers but you can also look in the scrapbook supply section of your favorite craft store for even more sticker options. Once the stickers are in place, then laminate the placemat.
  • Use markers to decorate. Regular markers will work great on the colored paper. If you want to draw directly on the photo you will want photo markers which are made to write on the photographs. Laminate after you have decorated the placemats.

Giant Chess Board - Fun Photo Placemats Project - Use Your Smartphone Photos | Robyns.World


You can use any photo you like. Think of all those photographs you take with your smartphone. Now you have a fun way to display them and use them.

  • animal photos – your own pets or use some of the great zoo photographs
  • people photos – kids love pictures of themselves and their family and friends
  • vacation photos – this is a great way to remember fun things you did during family trips
  • nature photos – these are great for learning too by using close up photos of a leaf, for example, and labeling the different leaf parts with a marker
  • food photos – take a picture of ingredients that will be used in the dishes you make to help kids understand where their food comes from and how it is made
  • table setting – take a photo (from above) of the way you set the table, create a placemat of this and the kids can learn to set the table by setting the plate, cup, napkin, fork, etc. on top of the placemat in the right area.

Raw Vegetables - Fun Photo Placemats Project - Use Your Smartphone Photos | Robyns.World


After your meals you can easily wipe off the laminated photo placemats. Store them in a file folder in the kitchen where the kids can easily go thru them and pick the ones they want to use at each meal. Or you can pick them out based on a theme of any type you like. Again, get creative.

Do you have any other ideas for the photo placemats project? Either creating them, decorating them, or using them?