Pucker up today and celebrate National Lipstick Day!

Celebrate #NationalLipstickDay | Robyns.World

Another fun holiday today, it’s #NationalLipstickDay. Break out that lipstick shade that you dare to wear and show off your lips today.

If you are not sure what shade of lipsticks will work best for you, take a look at the chart below. It is not definitive, but it gives you a jumping off point. Do not be afraid to try new shades. Many folks test out a lipstick shade on the back of their hand but that is not always the best test. The skin on your hand may be a bit darker because it is exposed to the sun more. Along with that, the skin color of the back of your hand is not the same as the natural skin tone on your lips – on your lips you start with a more pinkish skin to start. The rest of the makeup that you wear on your face can also impact the way a lipstick color looks on you. Testing a lipstick is best done on your lips when you can.

Lipstick Shade Chart Matched to Your Complexion | Robyns.World
Lipstick Shade Chart – source unknown

The history of lipstick, shown below, is also kind of interesting. While women tinted and colored the lips long before the 1800’s, this more recent history is still fascinating. What I find most interesting is how the use of lipstick, and makeup in general, relates to the evolution of the power of women.

Lipstick History Infographic #NationalLipstickDay | Robyns.World
The History of Lipstick – Source SexyDresses.com

For those who want to get a little creative try making your own lipstick at home out of crayons! Crazy, but fun. Take that favorite crayon color and put it right on your lips. I have not tried this myself so I am not sure of the staying power of homemade lipstick. Don’t get stuck on just one color either, mix up pieces of different crayon colors to create a completely unique color. This is also a fun science experiment.

How To Make Your Own Custom Lipstick From Crayons | Robyns.World
How to Make Lipsticks Out of Crayons. Source: wonderhowto.com

Do you wear lipstick everyday or just occasionally? Do you use the same shade always or do you like to mix it up and use different colors? 

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