August is National Eye Exam Month  |  Robyns.World

August is National Eye Exam Month. Having a regular eye exam is so important, not only for our eye health, but for our overall health. Not only can your eye doctor look for eye issues but they can also find other health issues.

Everyone should get regular eye exams, even babies. Find a good eye doctor for your regular eye exams. An optometrist is kind of like a primary care doctor for your eyes and can do your exams and provide your eyeglass or contact prescription and watch for overall health. An ophthalmologist is a more specialized eye doctor who can do what an optometrist does but they can also do surgery and handle more complex eye issues and eye diseases.

Hubby just had his annual eye exam last week and found out that he has beginning signs of glaucoma. He goes back in a few weeks for more thorough testing for this and I’m sure will be given some eye drops to help prevent worsening of this eye disease.

This week’s infographic, below, shows how often folks of different age ranges should be getting an eye exam. If you do not have coverage for vision with your insurance you still have options. There are several programs thru various social service agencies where you can get free or low cost eye exams, treatment, and even prescription eye glasses.

When was the last time you had a full eye exam?



eye exam infographic