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Today I am using one of my own blog writing prompts for my post. I know that political discussions, especially those about our current President, Donald Trump, can be quite upsetting to many. The one thing I like about that is that it at least means people are thinking about politics and how our elected officials impact us not only as a country and community, but also as individuals.

As I am writing this post I have created two lists, the pros and cons of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. Hubby and I have extremely different views on politics and Trump and so I try in my everyday life to think of positive aspects about our president as well so Hubby doesn’t feel I am attacking who he voted for.

Pros about President Donald Trump

  •  I like that he is willing to use digital media to communicate with the public
  • I can appreciate the fact that he seems to be a truly devoted father
  • For all of the turmoil that Trump is causing himself, the silver lining is that we are seeing more and more politicians, from both sides of the aisle, that want to stand up for what is right for their constituents and not just fall into what their political party says.
  • Again, for all of the turmoil Trump is causing, we are also seeing more and more citizens stand up out loud and publicly for what is important to them.
  • Truly I do not want him to fail as a president because that impacts all of us in a bad way. I really hope that he can succeed in this monumental job. Regardless of how much I like or dislike any president we have ever had, I do still believe that we wish them to do the best they can and a certain amount of respect is owed to them for being in that office.

Cons about President Donald Trump

  • While I know that being President of the United States must be a very hard job and that all new presidents need a little time to get used to it, I really am afraid that Trump is not ever going to get used to it because he doesn’t come from a background with enough political and governmental experience.
  • I despise his bullying. It is the antithesis of what we teach our children as parents and in school and what is expected of us in our jobs and society.
  • All of this Russia stuff worries me. If he is so sure it is all just a “witch hunt” then he just needs to stop talking about it and go along with the process and then if they do not find any collusion or nefarious dealings then he can say, “I told you so.”
  • His talk about just “let ObamaCare implode” bothers me a great deal. To him it is not a big deal I guess since he is wealthy, but for the masses our healthcare is a super important issue. By him saying just let it implode he is saying, to me at least, that he doesn’t give a rats ass about me and my family.
  • I am sincerely worried that he will spout off on Twitter, or any other media or event, and say the truly wrong thing and cause major havoc for the United States. Today in particular I am very concerned about things he might say about North Korea.
  • During Trump’s campaigning he kept saying he wanted to “drain the swamp” – a good thought, but I have a feeling that he is part of what needs to be drained.
  • I despise how prejudiced Trump seems towards so many different groups of people. He is the president of all of us, not just the people he deems “worthy” of being United States Citizens.

At this point I am purposefully stopping adding things to these lists because I honestly am getting worked up about it all and that is major stress to me. I would ask this of all of you, regardless of your obvious bent on politics, that you do try to find neutral news and information or at least listen to “both sides” and consider all points. Not just the memes about the president, good or bad. Not just the small sound bites, good or bad. Take in the information, do more research on your own, find out what the depth of any politician is, and never be afraid to speak your educated opinions on the subject but always be respectful of others who are expressing their educated opinions even if they differ from yours.

The comments are open and I welcome all educated opinions and thoughts. Any attacks against others because of their opinions will be deleted though.