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The world is ending!!! No, no, no, really it is not, it is just a total solar eclipse. While it seems like a very rare occurrence, solar eclipses happen on a fairly regular basis. This one seems bigger because there is a great viewing path across the United States. I am in St. Louis, Missouri and the path goes right over my area so it is huge news here. The McDonnell Planetarium, part of the St. Louis Science Center, has a lot of info and activities planned for our area.

I encourage everyone to take the time to learn more about the solar eclipse. When events like these happen it is a great teachable moment for all of us, no matter what your age. Kahn Academy has tons of great videos, lessons, and info to get you started. NASA also has a huge section devoted to the 2017 total solar eclipse. The first infographic today is from and covers the mechanics of the eclipse of the sun and is really interesting.

Solar Eclipse Infographic

How to Safely View the Total Solar Eclipse

Protecting your eyes during the solar eclipse is really important. The only time it is safe to look directly, without any eye protection, is during the very brief total phase of the solar eclipse according to NASA. During the rest of the solar eclipse you need to use special solar filters or other types of viewers. I have seen a lot of “eclipse glasses” on the cheap at stores lately but I have a strong feeling that not all of them meet the safety standards that are needed so use caution with those. Ordinary sunglasses do not protect enough either. Most welding glasses and masks also do not provide enough protection, they need to be a level 14+ to protect from the eclipse.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to safely view the solar eclipse is by making a pinhole viewer. The supplies are readily available and it is easy to make and use. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory gives the full step by step instructions.

pinhole eclipse viewer


Be sure you keep your eyes safe. It is really important to explain the dangers of looking directly at the sun to kids as well. It is a natural response for us to look at things of interest directly, but doing this during a solar eclipse can cause serious damage to your retinas and even blindness.

This week’s infographic is, of course, related to the eclipse. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has made this Solar Eclipse Eye Safety Infographic to help us all be safe.

Eclipse Eye Safety Infographic from American Academy of Ophthalmology

A few more ideas to enjoy the solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse Printable

If you have younger kids this free printable worksheet for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse from is a great way for the kids to document this event. This would be great to include in a memory box or time capsule.

Solar Eclipse Cupcakes

Have a sweet treat during the eclipse with this recipe for Solar Eclipse Cupcakes from That Bald Chick. How fun is this and who doesn’t love a cupcake?

Total Solar Eclipse Cocktail

Now my blogging friend Kendra, of Simply Darrling, is going to view the eclipse in just my style, with a cocktail! The Total Solar Eclipse Cocktail is super easy to make. Don’t worry, it’s not “day drinking” since the eclipse will make it seem like night.

Solar Eclipse Printable Worksheets

That Bald Chick has been busy, not only did she make the eclipse cupcakes, but she also has created a free printable package of solar eclipse worksheets. Again, such a great way for kids to document this event and learn from it also. If your kids have already started back to school you might suggest these worksheets to the teacher.

Moon Cheese and “The Hungry Moon” Printable Placemat

The eclipse is a huge teachable moment and jumping off point for so much more learning. Even though this is a solar eclipse and the sun gets top billing, the moon plays a huge part. Over at Arts & Crackers (isn’t that an adorable name for a blog?) you can find a Hungry Moon Printable Placemat that is perfect for an post-eclipse snack of, what else, cheese!

Solar Eclipse Music Playlist | Robyns.World

In case you missed it, I shared my Solar Eclipse Playlist the other day. Add your favorites to your mobile music source and enjoy the music while you watch the eclipse. I’ve got music from several different genres on the list.

How will you be taking part in the total solar eclipse?



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