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Today is National Dog Day! Woof, woof! Annie is celebrating today here at home. She is our rescue adopted dog who is part Old English Bulldogge and part Boxer – and probably a few other things. She is about 7 or 8 years old, but we have only had her a couple of years. Annie said she wanted me to share some fun facts about dogs with you all to celebrate today. I’ve also include some cool dog products. And finally, since it is Saturday, this week’s infographic which is all about dogs here in the USA.

Fun Facts About Dogs

  • While many of us like to think our dogs are geniuses, on average dogs are about as smart as a two year old child.
  • Dogs have an amazing sense of smell that includes being able to smell our feelings and sense diseases such as cancer and diabetes. They can also smell the early signs of epileptic seizures.
  • Dog nose prints are as unique as human fingerprints. No two are alike. Their paw prints are not as unique though.
  • A think layer of mucous is secreted on a dog’s nose that helps them absorb scent.
  • Dogs can hear higher pitches – up to 45,000 hertz. Humans only go up to 23,000 hertz.
  • Dogs have the same brain wave patterns as people when they sleep. Small dogs tend to have more dreams than larger dogs.
  • Dogs can see black, white, yellow, and blue colors. This is because they only have two cones in their eyes to detect color unlike humans who have three cones.
  • Dogs have a tapetum lucidum membrane in their eyes which allows them to see in the dark.
  • Dogs have three eyelids.
  • Dogs whiskers are a sensing mechanism.
  • Tail wagging is a form of communication for dogs. They tend to wag tails to the right when happy and to the left when afraid.
  • The first sense a dog develops in life is touch.
  • There are at least 18 muscles in each dog ear.
  • Dogs can be jealous of other dogs, people, etc.
  • Dogs do not feel guilt. It is human interpretation of their faces that make us think they do.
  • Dogs only have sweat glands on the pads of their paws.
  • Panting is another way to cool themselves. They can take 300-400 breaths per minute with very little effort, normal dog breathing is 30-40 breaths per minute.
  • Paul McCartney recorded a high-pitched dog whistle in the Beatles song, “A Day In the Life” for the enjoyment of his own dog. On a side note, my dog Annie loves the song “Trooper’s Hollar” by Hank Williams III and howls along with it and wags her tail.
  • Puppies have 28 teeth and normal adult dogs have 42 teeth.
  • A dog’s normal temperature is between 101° and 102.5°.
  • Dogs with big or open lips, like Boxer, Bloodhound, Bulldog, etc. do not drool more than other dogs. It is just that the saliva builds up in the pockets in their mouths and then spills out or is shaken out.

Dog Products

As a dog owner myself I buy dog products regularly. Hubby actually buys even more than I do, he loves to spoil our Annie. Here are some of the items we already use and love and a couple that are on our wishlist that are cool. (these are affiliate links)

  • Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed
    This is a simple cot actually, but it is perfect for our Annie. She is an older dog and has some movement issues. This is big enough and sturdy enough for her to lay on so it elevates her off the hard floor. It has held up really well since we started using it also.
  • VetIQ Maximum Strength Hip & Joint Soft Chews for Dogs
    As I said, Annie has some movement issues and this is the supplement we give her daily to help with that. We have been using it for over a year and we can really tell a difference.
  • Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System
    I just saw this for the first time the other day. Annie hates to get a bath and is very uncooperative and I think this might be a great solution for our family in giving the dog a bath.
  • Thundershirt
    Annie had a rough life before we rescued her. She gets very nervous about many things. One thing that does help a bit when there is loud noise like during storms, fireworks outside, or even if we have a house full of company, is her Thundershirt. This is a snug fitting shirt that is kind of like her getting a nice comforting hug.
  • PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog Fooder with WiFi
    If your dog is used to eating at a certain time of day and for whatever reason you are not home to feed them they will not be happy. Our Annie eats dinner when Hubby gets home from work but if he would get tied up at work or in traffic it would not be good. With the Smart Feed you can use your smartphone to control a feeding. Super cool!

Dogs In the USA

US Dog Ownership Infographic by Huffington Post

Infographic Source: Huffington Post