Search Tips

How many times have you remembered that you saw something, a recipe, how-to, article, etc. somewhere online? If you are lucky you might remember the blog you saw it on. I know I am like this myself. Even though I have an extensive collection of bookmarks it seems what I want many times I can’t remember exactly what the name of the post was. This is where blog search boxes come into play.

While we all utilize search engines, it is much easier and faster to search directly on a blog or website for those vague memories since it limits the search to that one area. I actually use the search box on my own blog on a regular basis even to find my old posts to reference, share the link, update, etc. Adding a search box is a fairly simple task and your readers will thank you for including it as well.

There are several different methods and plugins you can use to add a search box to your blog. Try them out and see what looks best on your blog and what you think your readers will use most.

Basic WordPress Search Widget

basic search box for blog


If you have a WordPress blog then you should see in your widgets a SEARCH widget to use. This is what I use on my own blog, try it out on over on the right column here. Just drag and drop this to your sidebar of choice for the quickest use. You can also click on the SEARCH widget title and a drop down box will appear (like image below). The options you see for areas will depend upon which areas your blog style has available.

Navigation Bar Search Box

If you would rather your search box be on any of your menu bars you can use the Search Box on Navigation Menu plugin by Codetic. Instead of the search box being on a side bar you can have it directly on your menu bar. Just go into plugins –> add new –> search for “search box on navigation” and you will find “Search box on Navigation Menu” by Codetic. Install and activate the plugin then go into settings and select which navigation menu you want it to be included on.

add search box to navigation menu

If you are a bit more technically skilled with code you can use this tutorial from WPHub. Again, you will need to be comfortable with coding and making changes to .php files for this option. However, this method gives you much more flexibility in customizing the search box.

Google Search Box

If you use Google AdSense you can add a search box for your blog but also have it include Google search results that can help you monetize. Log into your Google AdSense account and navigate to MY ADS –> SEARCH. From there follow the onscreen instructions to create a custom search box for your blog.

google search adsense search box


There are several other plugins, widgets, and apps that will let you add a search box to your blog as well, to many to mention here. Regardless of the method you select, just make sure your readers can easily find the search box and easily use it. Be sure to test out the search box you select to make sure the results are what you want your readers to see. If they are not what you want then see if you can customize it to fit your needs. If not, then try a different method.

For my blogging friends – what method of search box do you currently use or which will you try first if you don’t already have a box working?

For my blog readers – have you experienced not being able to find what you want on a blog? Do you have any other suggestions on how bloggers can make things easier for you to find?