September Calendar
Welcome to September! While it is not officially autumn until later in the month, I tend to just leap into fall mode at the beginning of the month. Below are some holidays and observances to celebrate this month. I’ve include a bit of history, interesting or useful links, and tips on celebrating for many of these.

  • September 1 – National Food Bank Day
    A food bank is a charity organization that receives food donations to distribute to smaller hunger relief agencies that directly serve those in need. Here in St. Louis we have the St. Louis Area Foodbank which does an amazing job in fighting hunger. Take a moment today to find your nearest food bank and thank them for their hard work and consider making a donation or volunteering with them.
  • September 2 – National Tailgating Day
    Football season is about to start so get your game day tailgating off to a good start by celebrating today. It is a great excuse to practice all those great recipes too.
  • September 3 – Skyscraper Day
    This is a pretty unique day so take time to celebrate. If you can, go visit some skyscrapers. If you can’t make it to an actual skyscraper, break out the building blocks with the kids and build skyscrapers of your own.
  • September 3 – Welsh Rarebit Day
    If you are a cheese fan then you definitely want to try Welsh Rarebit today, either try making it at home with this Alton Brown recipe or head to a local pub that serves it. (photo source: Food Network)
    welsh rarebit
  • September 4 – Labor Day
    Always the first Monday in September. Find out the history of Labor Day from the USA Department of Labor.
  • September 5 – Cheese Pizza Day
    Plan on making homemade pizza for dinner or go out for pizza for dinner with the family. Be creative with the types of cheeses you use on your pizza today.
  • September 6 – Read a Book Day
    I prefer to celebrate this day by reading an actual paper book instead of a digital book, but as long as you celebrate in some way it really doesn’t matter which format your book is in.
  • September 7 – National Beer Lover’s Day
    Grab a frosty mug full of your favorite beer and make a toast to celebrate with your fellow beer lovers. You could also try your hand at brewing your own beer at home.
  • September 7 – National Salami Day
    Why not have a salami sandwich along with your beer to celebrate?
  • September 8 – National Ampersand Day
    Yes, this is a holiday to celebrate the ampersand.  &  Find out more and view the creative ampersand artwork done by the holiday’s creator.
  • September 9 – Teddy Bear Day
    Did you have a favorite teddy bear growing up? Find a picture of you and your bear and share it on social media to celebrate the day.
  • September 10 – TV Dinner Day
    Who else grew up with TV dinners? Don’t forget about the ZZ Top song, TV Dinners. I love this video!
  • September 10 – Grandparent’s Day
    I was very lucky to have had such amazing grandparents growing up. All of my grandparents have died now and I miss them every day. If you are lucky enough to still have grandparents with you take some time to let them know how much you appreciate them on this day.
  • September 12 – National Video Games Day
    Growing up I was a part of the beginning of video games. In my teen years I spent a lot of time with friends and video arcades even. Today is a great day to spend time playing video games with friends and family.
  • September 13 – Uncle Sam Day
    We normally think of Uncle Sam around patriotic holidays, but today is his day. The Smithsonian Institute has a great collection of Uncle Sam images, costumes, and history to explore online.
  • September 14 – National Live Creative Day
    Get the right side of your brain working today and get creative. This doesn’t mean you have to create art either, creativity comes in many different forms.
  • September 15 – National Online Learning Day
    One of the things I love about the internet is the ability to learn about anything. There are tons of great resources for learning online, I like Udemy, which has just about any subject you can think of.
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  • September 16 – Collect Rocks Day
    I’m not sure why so many people find rocks interesting, but we do. For those that like old movies, The Long, Long Trailer, has Lucille Ball collecting large rocks on her travels across the country. My latest rock fascination with rocks has me painting rocks.
  • September 17 – Wife Appreciation Day
    Hey Hubby, are you reading this?
  • September 18 – National Cheeseburger Day
    I have never met a cheese that wouldn’t go great on a burger. Try mixing up the type of cheese you use on your burger to celebrate today. If you can find Provel cheese in your area I highly encourage you to try it. This is a cheese that is beloved here in St. Louis on pizza, but it’s creamy, melty, ooey-gooeyness is amazing on burgers too.
  • September 19 – International Talk Like a Pirate Day
    Here are some printable temporary tattoos to help get you in the spirit. There is an entire site dedicated to Talk Like a Pirate Day which will help you learn how to do it plus lots of other fun pirate information and links. You can also change the language on Facebook to Pirate, go to your settings, then language, and select “English (Pirate)” from the list and then click save changes button. You can easily switch back to regular, non-pirate, language the next day.
  • September 20 – National String Cheese Day
    A quick and easy snack plus string cheese makes a great party food. Check out some of these fun string cheese ideas.
  • September 21 – Miniature Golf Day
    It has been ages since I went to play miniature golf, but today may be the day. As a child I used to go all the time. Here is a vacation photo from the 70’s of me playing with my grandma and brother.
    Summer Vacation Memories - my brother, myself, and grandma playing mini golf
  • September 22 – Elephant Appreciation Day
    Elephants are amazing animals plus they are considered to be symbols of luck. If you have an elephant figurine in your home it should face your front door. As far as the trunk goes, some believe it should be up and some think it should be down to encourage luck. I’ve got a great elephant infographic on my blog also.
  • September 22 – Autumn Officially Begins
    Happy fall dancing! This means the hot weather is coming to an end.
  • September 23 – National Hunting and Fishing Day
    This is an annual holiday happening on the 4th Saturday of every September since 1972. Conservation is supported wildly (pun intended) by hunters and fishers throughout our country.
  • September 24 – Festival of Latest Novelties 
    This one is really obscure and I have not been able to nail down the history – but I still like the idea of the day so I’m including it! I love silly novelty items and gifts. Some of the hottest novelty items right now are the fidget spinner, any items poking fun at Trump, novelty rolling papers, and augmented reality clothing like the teemoji.
  • September 25 – National Lobster Day
    Splurge a little and enjoy some lobster to celebrate today. You can go to a restaurant or try cooking at home. Many grocery stores have live lobsters or frozen lobster tails. There are also several online ordering sites for super fast and fresh lobster delivery to your door.
  • September 26 – National Voter Registration Day
    If you are not yet registered to vote take the time to register and celebrate the day. If you are already a registered voter the celebrate today by encouraging others to vote. More info at
    National Voter Registration Day
  • September 27 – National Women’s Health & Fitness Day
    You all have seen my health ups and downs over the years here on my blog. For a long time I neglected my own health and paid a price for it, just as many women do. Please take some time today to think about your own health and make appointments to see any doctors you need.
  • September 29 – World Heart Day
    Yes, another health related day, but so very important. When was the last time you had a checkup and asked your doctor specifically about your heart health?
  • September 30 – National Ghost Hunting Day
    How fun is this? The day celebrates those who are ghost hunters and informs and entertains. They are having events all over the world to celebrate. Even if you are not sure if you believe in ghosts or not it really is interesting to learn the history behind all the ghost stories.

Did you find a few days to celebrate this month? Are there other holidays you will be celebrating in September that I didn’t include on the list?