Best of Bridge Sunday Suppers Cookbook

The idea of a Sunday supper with your family and friends is always comforting. It does not matter if it actually happens on a Sunday either. For my family these meals happened on Monday evenings. My grandma cooked up comfort food every single week for all of us and I loved not only the food but also the time spent with the family.

Robert Rose books just sent me a copy of Best of Bridge Sunday Suppers cookbook to review – thank you! I love that this cookbook is full of family friendly recipes that range from classic to modern updates.

Some Highlights of Sunday Suppers

  • Prepackaged foods are okay sometimes. The very first recipe is for All-Purpose Coleslaw and the main ingredient is a bag of shredded coleslaw mix. They give options for fresh options also. This to me screams family food. While we love making things homemade there are some supermarket shortcuts that really can work well and no one needs to feel shame for using them.
  • Quinoa is featured often. This grain is very popular these days but old cookbooks hardly ever mention them. Sunday Suppers features several recipes using quinoa which is super healthy and easy to use but done in more familiar ways by updating classic recipes.
  • Basics are included. I love when cookbooks include basic recipes, like homemade stocks, pizza crust, gravies, sauces and salad dressings because they are the base for many other things. This cookbook also includes basics like Classic Roast Chicken which only calls for four ingredients, but then they also offer tips and options to make it more special if you want.
    Classic Roast Chicken Recipe in Best of Bridge Sunday Suppers Cookbook
  • Humor. Cooking shouldn’t be serious all the time. I love the little quotes and humor that are sprinkled throughout the cookbook.
  • Multicultural recipes. Over the past several years we have all seen more and more recipes from different cultures – not just from other countries, but also cultures within our own country. There are tons of these types of recipes which help you expand your palette and expand your knowledge of other cultures but still are all family friendly.
  • Comfort foods galore! Because I grew up with so many family meals featuring comfort foods from Grandma I still lean that way often. While she did not make a huge range of foods (relatively speaking), I can still recognize comfort food recipes when I see them. One I will be making this fall is the Beef and Guinness Pie
    Beef and Guinness Pie Recipe from Best of Bridge Sunday Suppers Cookbook
  • Multiple cooking methods. There are so many different ways to cook foods, stove top, oven, grilling, slow cooker, broiled, basted, skewered, stewed, and on and on. For me, the temperature outside plays a part in deciding how I cook things even. There are plenty of methods, of all kinds, to explore.

Those Extra Details About the Book

  • Hardbound – I always love a hardbound book, especially for something that is going to be used and referenced for years and years.
  • Spiral Bound – Another great feature for cookbooks because it means it will lay flat when you are using it. No book holders needed.
  • Lots of Photos – We eat with our eyes first so it only makes sense to have lots of great color photos in cookbooks. The Sunday Suppers cookbook has nice large photos and each photo has a notation on it of the name of the recipe and the page number it is on – fabulous!
  • Large Text – As I get older my eyes struggle a bit more so large, easy-to-read print is really important to me. Even when I was younger this was still important for cookbooks. We set them on the counter to reference while cooking and not having to squat down closer or pick up the book with messy hands so you can read the text is important.

I really love the Sunday Suppers cookbook for all of these reasons. Surely it will be a book I reach for over and over again for years and years to come.

Do you have fond memories of Sunday suppers? What is your favorite comfort food for those big family meals?