I am starting this review with the fact that I love Tweezerman tweezers. I have used them for years and they are the only tweezers I will buy now. That love prompted me to buy the Tweezerman Smooth Finish Hair Removal Tool recently. I posted a picture on Instagram of the tool and had a lot of interest in what I thought of it, so here is my review.

Big news: FAIL

The detail of the fail is based on my own personal use. I did not find the Tweezerman Smooth Finish Hair Removal tool useful. Like many, I have very fine facial hair that is annoying and that is why I decided to try this product. FYI – I bought this on my own of my own volition. The product is a small, tightly packed coil. On the handles there are little bits that you rotate and what it is supposed to do is pull that hair off of your face. There were a couple of little hairs here and there that the tool did pull out. It is easy to tell because you full the yank, no worse than plucking out an eyebrow hair. However, it was just a few here and there and not all of those fine hairs on my face. The whole point in to get all of them, at least in my mind, so that is why I am giving this product a fail. Maybe if you have lots of coarser hair then maybe it would be a good tool for you, but if your hair is fine then this is not going to do the trick for you.

tweezerman smooth finish facial hair remover review |  Robyns.World

I do like that they include a little pair of tweezers with it although if the product worked as I wanted it to I really would not need them.

Again, I love my Tweezerman Tweezers for plucking my eyebrows but this facial hair remover just really did not live up to my expectations.

Have you tried this product and if so what did you think of it?