My Little Cities - Book Series from Chronicle Books

I am in love with the My Little Cities book series from Chronicle Books. These are board books for toddlers and little kids and are so fun. Chronicle Books sent me four of the books in the series to review (opinions are my own), New York, London, Paris and San Francisco. My twin granddaughters, 19 months old, where up to stay the night this weekend and so I read all of the books to them. So they love the idea of having books read to them but are not always the most patient of listeners still at this age. However, I am a firm believer that the more you read to kids, at any age, the more it all sinks in for them.

My Little Cities San Francisco

Why I Love My Little Cities:

  • Board Books
    The twins are still in the stage of not understanding that paper is easily torn. Well, maybe it is actually the opposite and they love the act of tearing paper. Regardless, we want them to learn that we need to treat books well and so for now board books are still our best option for them.
  • Short and Sweet
    The girls, at this age, have a hard time listening to any lengthier books, even kids books. The My Little Cities series are all very short and very few words. Perfect for this age but they will still grow with them also.
  • Realness
    I love that these books include images and references to actual real places and activities in each of the cities. Because I have traveled to some of the cities, New York and San Francisco, I was able to expand on these a bit more. As they get older I can show them my real pictures of these same places and share more with them. As they get even older I hope to take them to these places myself so they can experience them in real life.
  • Factual Information
    At the end of each book there is an index of sorts that shows a smaller image of the full illustration that names the actual place and gives a short blurb about it.

My Little Cities Books - Factual Information

When my son, the twins dad, was younger he always liked non-fiction and realistic fiction books. I think that made me a little more partial to these types of books for kids. I also am mostly a non-fiction reader myself. I have nothing against fiction but I think some non-fiction and realistic fiction is a great addition to any library for children.

Books also are an amazing gift for kids of all ages. So many people focus on toys as gifts for kids and they are nice but books are one of those gifts that the kids may not appreciate as much when they unwrap them but they love them long term.

Reading to babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kids is one of the most important things we can do. There are tons of studies on how reading positively impacts children from day one even. Providing a variety of books is great but also remember that kids love repetition. They may select the same book for you to read over and over and over and over and over again. Doing this though helps them learn so don’t be discouraged!

I highly recommend the My Little Cities series of books for your own kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, neighbors, and any other kids you read to on a regular basis!

What are your favorite memories of reading to children?