halloween photo booth frame

As you all know, my mom is amazing at creating so many different things. Halloween is her favorite holiday to create things for especially now that she does an annual Halloween party for family and friends. At this years party she created a super fun Halloween photo booth frame. Everyone was thrilled with this because it was just too cute! When I asked Mom about it she said that she saw it on the Dollar Tree website. I was amazed that she made this from finds at the dollar store and how great the finished project really was.

The picture above I purposefully did not crop so that you could see the entire frame and how it hung. There was just enough room between the background and the frame for people to stand and take a picture. That is Hubby and I with our granddaughters, Violet and Valerie.

Here is the Halloween Photo Booth Frame project from Dollar Tree. While it is cute too, I still like my mom’s version even more. You can tell by comparing pictures that Mom’s is much larger since we had plenty of room for all 4 of us in the photo.

dollar tree halloween photo booth frame

Mom hosts her annual Halloween party at a local park now instead of at home. It is a much larger area and really serves the purpose well. She reserves our spot about a year in advance even. With the Halloween photo frame there happened to be a sign post right in front of the pavilion so the back of it was plain and the perfect place to hang her frame. Even if you are not at a park you can create this Halloween frame and hang it out from any plain background to give your guests a fun place to do photos and selfies.

Halloween Photo Booth Frame Supplies and Instructions:

  • Large black foam core board
  • Straight edge cutter
  • Stapler
  • 2 rolls deco mesh
  • 3 large glitter spiders
  • 3 2-pack medium glitter spiders
  • 3 2-pack giant googly eyes
  • BOO decoration
  • Glue gun

Mom started with a larger piece of foam core than what the original project called for. She got this at Hobby Lobby. Using a straight edge cutter, cut out the interior of the foam core board leaving a 5″ border all around. If you don’t have a straight edge cutter use a firm ruler and an X-acto knife – if you do this method you will have to go over the cut a couple of times to get thru the layers most likely.

Her local Dollar Tree was out of the deco mesh so she found some at Walmart. I like her choice of the black mesh with sparkly decoration on it better than just plain black, but use whatever you prefer. Start by unrolling one roll of mesh about 2″. Staple the middle of the unrolled mesh to one corner of the frame. Hold on to the roll and unroll about another 5″ and create an arching shape along the frame. Now staple that piece about 2″ from your original staple. Continue to unroll a few inches at a time and turn the roll 180° every other time along the way. This creates that bubbled ribbon effect. When you get to the end of one roll start up again with new roll using the same effect.

Now attach the spiders, eyes, and any other decorations you like using a glue gun (or whatever method you wish) on top of the ribbon on frame. Use the decorations to help hide the starting and stopping points of the mesh as well and to hide the staples as needed.

Total cost for my mom was just about $20.

Think about other holidays also to make a similar frame. All you would need to do is change up the colors and pieces attached. These frames can be stored and used over and over again. I would place in a large trash bag to store to protect things a bit and keep dust off of them. A few ideas to consider:

  • Thanksgiving/Autumn
    Use orange, red, yellow or gold deco mesh. Add faux leaves, pine cones, etc. for the decorations.
  • Traditional Christmas
    Use white, red or green foam core as the base. There are plenty of traditional Christmas colors, solid and patterned, of deco mesh available. For the attached decorations use little wrapped presents, bows, candy canes, Santa figures, etc.
  • Winter Wonderland
    Try a white foam core. Use a light blue or silver deco mesh. Add pre-cut snowflake shapes and snowballs of varying sizes.
  • Valentine’s Day
    A base of red or white foam core to start. Add red, pink, or white deco mesh. Look for decorations and cutouts of hearts, lips, and cupids to add on top.
  • St. Patrick’s Day
    Use a bright green foam core. Add green deco mesh. Attack clovers, rainbows, pots of gold, gold coins, leprechauns, mugs of beer, etc. on top.
  • Easter/Spring
    Use a white foam core as your frame. Find pastel deco mesh for the ribbon. For attachments use Easter eggs, bunnies, and spring flowers.
  • 4th of July (or Memorial Day, Labor Day, any patriotic event)
    Use a red, white or blue foam core for the frame. Add patriotic deco mesh. Flags, fake firecrackers, Uncle Sam hats, etc. for the decorations.
  • Back-to-School
    This would be great for schools or teachers to have on the first day of school or the first open house of the year. Use a deep green foam core, think chalkboard color, as the frame. Add white deco mesh, think chalk, for the ribbon. Attach letters, numbers, school bus cutouts, computers, small books, etc. for add-ons. If for a specific grade you could add lettering for that grade number also or use the school year. If doing a school year and the photo frame to be used for all the grades you could have photo props of the grade levels on long sticks for people to hold up while take a photo also.
  • New Year’s Eve
    Use a black foam core for your frame. Add silver and/or gold deco mesh. Look for clocks, plastic champagne flutes, noisemakers, etc. to add to the frame.
  • Birthday Party
    Use bright colors of all kinds for the frame and deco mesh. You can use small wrapped gifts, cutout birthday cakes, candles, and party hats as decoration. Consider making additional photo props on sticks to hold up with the age of the birthday person also.

Huge props and thanks to Mom for all of the effort she put into this Halloween Photo Booth Frame project and everything else she did at the party this year!

Is this a project you will try for Halloween or another holiday? What other ideas do you have to make a similar frame?