Easy No-Mess Craft Collage for Toddlers

I adore spending time with my granddaughters always. Now, at 19 months, they are getting to the point that I can start doing craft projects with them. This is an easy craft collage for toddlers that is really a no-mess activity. No mess in that there is no glue, paint, or other wet supplies required.

This idea was inspired from several projects on No Time for Flash Cards using clear Contact paper. The girls still have fairly short attention spans so I need projects that go relatively quickly for them. I also did not want anything super messy because I don’t want to spend time cleaning up afterwards when I could be spending time playing with the twins on their visits.

Easy Craft Collage for Toddlers – No-Mess


  • Clear Contact paper
  • Painters tape
  • Pieces of construction paper
  • Ribbon pieces
  • Any other random, fairly flat, items to attach to the project


Cut two desired sized piece of clear Contact paper. Remove backing paper from one of the pieces and lay down, sticky side facing up, onto your surface. Use painters tape to secure all edges of the contact paper to your surface.

Provide random shapes and sizes of construction paper, ribbons, and any other flat items to the kids. For our project I used black, orange, and purple pieces of construction paper, pieces of ribbon in orange, black and purple, small googly eyes, and some Halloween stickers I bought at the craft store. It is right before Halloween so that is why I picked these items and colors but you can do this with absolutely any colors you like.

toddler crafting

Put out small piles of the random materials and encourage the toddlers to place them on the contact paper. Kids will react differently as was apparent with my twins. Violet was drawn to the Halloween stickers which were foam pieces and would tear them apart, stick them on the contact paper and then tear them back up again. She also wanted to taste things so I had to watch her carefully to try and keep her from putting things in her mouth. She was not bothered at all by the stickiness of the Contact paper either. On the other hand, Valerie would make an “ewww” face every time her hand or arm touched the sticky paper. She also was much more drawn to the construction paper and ribbon pieces and placed lots of them on the Contact paper.

Let the kids continue as long as they are interested. Remember that the process is what is important, not the actual finished project. As they create talk about the different textures, colors, and shapes. Once their interest wains, remove the pile of collage pieces and let them move on to something else.

Remove the painters tape from the project. Now take your second sheet of Contact paper and remove the backing. Place the sticky side of this pieces onto the sticky side of the collage to seal everything in. Use scissors to trim the edges to your finished size. Once I had done this the girls were interested again in touching their project and you could tell they were wondering what happened to the sticky surface and why they could no longer feel or pick up the collage pieces any longer. I hung this on our fridge for the rest of their visit and they both, especially Valerie, kept going and pointing at it. Then I sent it home with them the next day.

I have to say that I enjoyed this project just as much as my granddaughters I think. When my son was younger we always did lots of creative projects as well so it is very exciting to me to now be able to start these ideas with the twins.

As I said, we had a Halloween theme to the craft project because it is close to Halloween right now. Along with the no-mess collage for them we also watched a Halloween show and read Halloween books. It really was such a fun evening!

Have you ever used clear Contact paper for craft projects? Is this a project you will try with kids in your own family or friends?