Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Ideas for Halloween

Pumpkin carving is one of my favorite things about Halloween. Growing up we always had pumpkins to carve and it was always so much fun. While most of us can create a classic jack-o-lantern face without any help of a pattern there are plenty of great ideas for other types of pumpkin carving that patterns are helpful for. I’ve gathered up some free pumpkin carving patterns and ideas for you to try out this year to make super jack-o-lanterns! Don’t be afraid to go outside the box a bit with your pumpkins. Look for different colors, textures, and shapes for new and unique effects. There are faux pumpkins available now as well that will last for years. You can also decorate with markers, paints, and other materials instead of carving.

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Tips and Ideas

  • Carved Halloween Mummy Watermelon
    Want something other than a pumpkin to carve? Try using a watermelon for a fruity twist on Halloween.
  • Pumpkin Carving Printable Templates via Bing
    A quick search on Bing, my favorite search engine still, will give you tons of options of templates to download for carving
  • Thumbs Up Pumpkin Stencil
    Are you a big Facebook fan? You might enjoy making this Thumbs Up pumpkin to show you “like” Halloween
  • Minecraft Creeper Green Pumpkins
    If you have a Minecraft fan in your family this is a fun and easy carving. They used green pumpkins but you could do with orange pumpkins as well.
  • Video: Pumpkin Tower
    Create a festive tower of pumpkins
  • eHow Printable Pumpkin Patterns
    eHow has a nice collection of free patterns to print out in varying levels of difficulty. Along with the more classic designs they also have monogram patterns for you.
  • Dog Templates
    Put your dog on your pumpkin using these fun dog templates.
  • Use the Guts
    These are some of my own pumpkins from a few years ago. My family and I used the guts to spill out of the mouth of the jack-o-lantern to make it look gross.
    Extreme pumpkins
  • Mouse Motel
    This is relatively simple by cutting holes into your pumpkin and inserting toy mice or rats into them.
  • Silly Monster Pumpkins
    These are so cute, not scary at all. Minimal carving but they also add other small gourds and items to make the pumpkins more dimensional.
  • The Pumpkin Lady 
    Over 700 free pumpkin carving patterns to pick from!
  • Disney Pumpkin Carving Templates
    If you are a Disney fan, and who isn’t, here are plenty of templates for you to try out.
  • Faux Wood Pumpkin
    If you have a lot of time and patience this faux wood grain pumpkin pattern from Martha Stewart is amazing.
  • Partial Cuts
    Use tools like a melon baller to only partially carve your pumpkins. You want to not go all the way through but still pretty close. When you put a bright candle or light inside it will still glow.
    Halloween Boo Carved Pumpkin | Robyns.World
  • Celebrating Halloween
    They have tons of patterns available for carving your pumpkins
  • Use Multiple Colors and Textures
    Look for pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, textures and colors.
  • Video: How to Clean a Pumpkin for Carving
    Great video that shows the basics of cleaning out and preparing for carving.
  • Turn Your Pumpkins
    Turning your pumpkins to sit in different angles can really make a difference. I love this idea of putting the stem side to the front for the stem to be a nose.
  • Step-by-Step Carving Instructions
    If you have never carved a pumpkin before check out this tutorial of basic pumpkin carving, including photos.
  • Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips
    Consumer Reports has a list of safety tips for carving pumpkins. Trust me, they are important. If you see me in person you have to ask me to tell you the story about Hubby and his eye when carving pumpkins.
  • Faux Pumpkins (fake pumpkins)
    These pumpkins are available at craft stores and are made of foam. You can carve them like a traditional pumpkin but they are far less messy and they will last for years.
    faux pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Masters Freebies
    The Pumpkin Masters company no longer offers free patterns to download directly from their site, that I could find, but they do have a free stuff page. It includes a link to their iPad app which says has carving patterns, plus computer wallpapers, recipes, and some other things.
  • Add Extra Elements
    Use extra items to add more dimension and appeal to your pumpkin carvings.
  • Dremel Tool
    Don’t be afraid to break out real tools. A Dremel tool is useful for so many things, including pumpkin carving! You can get very intricate when using them.
  • Don’t Forget the Seeds
    If you are taking all this time to clean out and carve your pumpkins don’t forget about the seeds! Separate the seeds from the pulp, rinse off and dry, and roast them in the oven for a healthy and fun snack for the entire family.

Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween? Do you like the classic jack-o-lantern faces, super intricate carvings, non-carved ideas, or something else?