MakeCrate Subscription Box #STEM

There are all kinds of subscription box services these days but this one, MakeCrate, is particularly fun and educational! If you have kids that are love to make things, create, things, and love the science and fun behind it then this is the program for them. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is such an exciting thing for so many kids and adults. I think it is popular because it can be so hands on. Most of us learn better when we can be hands-on and actual experience what we are trying to learn.

Disclosure: I received sample MakeCrate boxes for this review. Opinions are my own.

MakeCrate Subscription Box #STEM

Your first box from MakeCrate will be the Starter Kit which includes your circuit board plus lots of wires, connectors, and such. When I opened the box I was surprised at all the goodies in there. Now I am not an electronics kind of person – yes I love technology but I buy mine premade. So I asked Hubby to take a look at the kit to get his opinion because he actually does work with wires and electronics and such on a daily basis as a master automotive technician (yes fixing cars is more about these things today than it is about wrenches).

MakeCrate Subscription Box #STEM

Hubby was impressed with the amount of supplies included in the kit to start with. He also appreciated the small plastic box that was included to contain everything. The quality of the supplies were decent also he said, especially compared to other little make-it kits and such that he has seen for kids over the years. When we homeschooled our son years ago Hubby was in charge of projects like these so he does have experience with these types of things.


MakeCrate Subscription Box #STEM

Each of the boxes have an instruction book. I was really impressed with these because they clearly lay out the parts with labels and then they have the detailed step-by-step instructions, with images, for each. There is extra information to help teach along the way as well.

As someone who really is pretty clueless on these things it felt a tiny bit overwhelming when I first looked at it simple because I was unfamiliar. However, following allowing step-by-step to create something made me understand a bit more with each step and gives you several of those aha moments. I know that kids would be the same way with this process.

When T, my son, was younger he learned how to do things often by just seeing it done and repeating it. There is nothing wrong with this process as part of learning at all, but sometimes it was later on that he would learn why he had to do certain things to make his project work. With the MakeCrate projects that is exactly what the kids get – a why you do things to make it work. This allows kids to use that knowledge to become creative and come up with their own ideas and projects successfully because they understand the process behind everything.

MakeCrate Subscription Box #STEM First Project Completed!

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I was so excited that I let out a squeal when my first project actually worked! I made that little light blink and it was super cool.

MakeCrate Subscription Box #STEM Nightlight Kit
The next kit is to make a nightlight. It uses the circuit board from your first kit but they do send more supplies that go into this project. At this point, even with just two kits I think it would be easy for kids to keep creating on their own.

Along with the kits you have access to the online MakeCrate community where you can ask questions and meet others that are interested in making projects. They also have tutorial videos and more information for MakeCrate Club members.

MakeCrate is designed for makers of all ages, but has been field-tested for makers ages 13 and up. Users should be able to read independently, have good hand-eye coordination, and be able to follow instructions in order and with precision.

Even though the kits are tested for 13 and up I think if you have a younger child who is really interested in STEM activities you can go younger. I would say as early as age 10 if they like these kinds of things based on my own experiences with my own son at that age.

The MakeCrate gift subscription would make an amazing gift for the holidays or a birthday. If you need a wrapped gift to give in person have the first box shipped to you so you can wrap it up and give in person and include a note that they will receive more boxes in the future. Just change the shipping address after the first box is received by you to the address of the recipient. Or if you are a grandparent, aunt or uncle, etc. that has the child to your house regularly you can have them all shipped to you to work on the MakeCrate boxes together when they visit.

Do you have a junior maker in your family who would enjoy a MakeCrate subscription? Would you help them with it?