As a blogger I get a ton of emails this time of year from brands and PR people wanting me to include things in holiday gift guides. I also see a lot of random things as I surf the internet myself, see and hear commercials, and the like.

What I want to know from you is what you love and/or hate about holiday gift guides on blogs. What kinds of items, categories, areas do you want to see? What kids of gift guides totally turn you off right away? Any of the good or bad I really want to hear about.

You all know that I love sharing my opinion but I also value, even more, your trust in my reviews and recommendations. I have lots of ideas for holiday gift guides but what you want is the most important part. And I NEVER want you to have to wonder why I am including something in a gift guide.

So, please leave your truly honest opinion about the good and bad about gift guides during the holidays. If you never use them, tell me. If you only open certain types (blog posts, PDF files, etc.), tell me. If certain things make them feel fake to you, tell me. If there are types of items or categories you really like to see, tell me.

I thought about creating a poll about this but I feel sometimes polls tend to skew the results because the person creating the poll is trying to illicit certain types of responses. I would rather take the time to read what you are willing to share, without leading questions, to get this right for you.

I truly appreciate your input. I write this blog as an extension of my true self and in my true life I love to talk about all kinds of things and give my true opinion about them. I think this resonates with my readers and followers but I occasionally need to ask, like I am today, to make sure I am still on the right path for you.

Thanks in advance!