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My twin granddaughters are 20 months old now and very active. This year I’m sure they will be fascinated with the real Christmas trees so I decided to make felt Christmas tree and felt ornaments for them to play with. This way we can easily divert their attention from the actual tree to this felt tree on the wall where they can place, remove, and rearrange the felt ornaments as much as they like.

In case you didn’t know, felt sticks to felt. Not permanently, but enough to just place them on top of each other that it will stick but yet it is easily removed. That makes a felt xmas tree a perfect holiday play item for little ones. No mess, no fuss, endless hours of fun, and very low cost.

Felt Christmas Tree Supplies:

  • large square of dark green felt (about $5)
  • assorted sheets of other colors of felt (about 30¢ each)
  • printed templates (optional)
  • double sided tape (about $4/roll)
  • scissors
  • straight edge
  • craft glue (optional)

Felt Christmas Tree Directions:

First you need to cut out ornaments out of various colors of felt. You can do this free-handed if you are skilled or you can cut out templates and trace them onto the felt. I used this ornament pattern for my templates Just print it out on paper, cut out, and use a Sharpie marker to trace onto the felt. Cut out all the ornaments.

Trace (or freehand) ornament shapes on different colors of felt and cut out

From the large square of dark green felt you are going to make the Christmas tree. I found a 36″x36″ square of green felt at the craft store. Fold in half on the diagonal and use a straight edge to draw a line from the top of the folded corner edge down to the open ended corner. This makes a large triangle. Save the remaining felt for future projects.

With the felt still folded, cut strait lines in on the open edge (not the folded edge) a couple of inches long. Do this about 4 times, spaced evenly along that edge. Now cut diagonally from the lower cut edge up to the inside cut above. This makes the tiered affect. Practice on a piece of paper first to get the idea if you are unsure, that’s what I did. Once you do it on paper you will have an aha moment and understand what you need to do on the felt.

Make the felt Christmas tree out of green felt and use double-sided tape to put on a wall or door

Unfold the green felt and you will have your Christmas tree.

Place strips of the double-sided tape on the tree and then place on the wall. I actually put this on the back of my front door because it is the smoothest surface in my living room (our walls are textured). Just press and rub a bit to get it to stick.

Felt Christmas tree and felt ornaments

I also did a couple of rectangular shapes, to represent presents, out of felt also. Plus I used this bow template to cut out a few bows for the presents. Use craft glue to put the bows on the gifts. My thought is that these would go at the bottom of the Christmas tree but when putting into use the girls did not quite understand that. No biggie – let the kids be kids and put things where they want. I also cut out a larger star from yellow felt to put at the top of the tree.

Valerie placing felt ornaments on the felt Christmas tree

Violet placing felt ornaments on the felt Christmas tree

The twins came up to spend the night and I waited until after dinner to introduce this project to them. I had already put the Christmas tree and the star up so it was ready to go. Then I sat down on the floor with them and had the stack of felt ornament shapes. I showed the girls just a couple of times by taking a felt ornament and gently placing it on the green felt tree. They got the idea right away and I just let them go.

I feel it is really important to understand that toddlers are not going to totally get the concept of where to put ornaments or even what the tree is right now. As adults we have lots of ingrained memories of this but the little minds do not yet. Don’t fret over it. Let them put the ornaments wherever they want. There is no right or wrong.

After they had played for about 10 minutes or so I showed them that they could easily remove the felt ornaments also. Then they had fun taking them off and handing them back to GaGa (that’s my grandma name). It was just as fun to watch them and they were having fun as well.

After that they went between putting the felt ornaments on and taking them off and putting them back on. That is exactly the point of this activity. Just let them have fun and do what they like with it.

Here is a Facebook Live Video I did of them playing with the felt Christmas tree.

This is the first felt project I have done for the girls but I am sure it will not be the last. They really seemed to enjoy it. I took the felt tree off the door and sent it home, along with the ornaments, with them so Mom could put it up there and they could enjoy it the whole holiday season.

I loved how simple and inexpensive this activity was for me to make for them and loved watching them enjoy it so much. Do you have little ones in your family that would enjoy a felt Christmas tree?



Create an easy felt Christmas tree and ornaments. Perfect for toddlers so they can move ornaments around and leave the real tree alone | Robyns.World