Pinterest Sections Tutorial: Step by step instructions with screenshots to organize your Pinterest boards | Robyns.WorldI adore Pinterest both as just a regular person and as a blogger and social media person. Finally, Pinterest has added the ability to organize your idea into subgroups within a board. For people just browsing this adds an ability to search more succinctly, for bloggers it allows you to keep pins organized in a more concise manner.

Today’s tutorial is for those, both “regular” users and bloggers, who want to organize our boards a bit more.

Previously you would make a board for any specific category you wanted. This ended up with most of us having tons of boards. With this new function we can create a broad category board and put subcategories within that board. For me the biggest perk of this new function is my food pins. I have had a “food” board since the start but then I created many other more specific boards that were still about food but not quite so broad. For instance, I had the main food board but also a board for desserts, vegetables, garlic, pork, chicken, appetizers, etc. With the new feature I have moved all of my more specific boards to subcategories of my main food board.

The one negative, that I think Pinterest will fix soon, is that there seems to be no way to re-order the sub categories within a main board.

For now, let’s get started on creating Pinterest sections, or subcategories, and moving existing pins quickly and easily into those subcategories from your existing boards.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 1

Step 1:
Go to Pinterest and to your profile page. Just click on your avatar to get there. If your page is showing all your pins, just click the BOARDS area. From there select the board you want to create sections in.


Pinterest Tutorial - Step 3

Step 2:
Once you are on the board page you want to add sections to, click on + Add section to bring up the popup box.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 4
Step 3:
You will then see a blank popup window, as show above.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 5

Step 4:
In the Name field type in whatever you would like the section to be called. Then click the Add button at the bottom.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 6

Step 5:
Now go back to your page with all of your boards. Select the board that has all the pins you want in your new section (subcategory) that you just created.

Step 6:
Click on that board. Then at the top right off the page click the Organize button.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 7


Step 7:
Now you will select the pins you want to move. You can select them individually, up to 50 at a time, OR if you want to move all click the Select All button at the top right. Note: the image above now says Deselect because I had already clicked the select all. It changes to deselect after you have selected some or all. Then click the Move button.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 9

Step 8:
Another window will pop up. Scroll down to find the main board you want first.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 10

Step 9:
When you find the main board that you have already created sections in you will see an arrow to the right of that name. You can see this above on my main board called “Food”

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 11

Step 10:
Click on that board with the arrow and you will see all of the sections you created within the board. Select the section you want to move these pins to. Pinterest will now move all the selected pins into that section for you.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 12

Step 11:
Go back to your main page of boards, you may need to hit refresh. You should then see the board that you just moved pins from but it will say “0 pins” now.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 13

Step 12: 
Hover your mouse on the lower right corner of the empty board until you see the pencil icon and click on it to bring up the edit window. Scroll to the bottom left and click the Delete board button.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 14

Step 13:
You will get another pop up window asking you to confirm that you want to delete that board. Click the Delete board button again.

When you go back to your main page of all boards, and again you may need to refresh your browser, you will see that board is now gone.

You’re Done! Congratulations! You just created a new section and moved your pins successfully.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 15

If you go to the board you created the sections in you will now see your sections listed at the top and you can click on any of those to view that section’s pins.

Pinterest Tutorial - Step 16

If you have pins on that main board they will be listed below the newly created sections.

Any questions?



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