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I love Christmas stockings so I decided to compose a list of stocking stuffer ideas. These are all inexpensive ideas also, no big ticket items on this list just because they are small. Growing up we always had a stocking from Santa plus my Grandma H. always made stockings for the kids that we could open on Christmas Eve as soon as we wanted. Since Grandma H. has passed I have taken on making stockings for the little kids now and I love every minute of it.

If you have other ideas I have missed please add your suggestions in the comments below.



230 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  1. Play-doh
    Look for multi-packs of small containers and then divide those up across multiple stockings.
  2. Bubble Bath
  3. Bath Crayons
  4. Pacifier
  5. Socks
  6. Lollipops
  7. Bubbles
  8. Band-Aids
    Look for fun character packages to suit those on your list
  9. Whistle
  10. Mini Cereal Boxes
    Another item to buy a large package of the smaller boxes and divide up across multiple stockings.
  11. Stickers
  12. Pez
  13. Candy necklace
  14. Silly Straws
  15. Glow sticks
  16. Chapstick/lip gloss
    Around the holidays there are always tons of multi-packs. Avon is another great source for inexpensive ones.
  17. Ear buds
  18. USB flash drive
  19. Gift cards
    You can still find low value gift cards, like $5, for certain things. Be watchful but make sure the recipient can buy something without adding their own money also.
  20. Candy cane ink pen
    I always find these at Walgreens. My grandma always put them in my stocking and it is a standard for all stockings I make.
  21. Pens
    Look for fun ink pens in different colors, scents, and that have fun decoration and toppers
  22. Pencils
    Another item that is easy to find with holiday decoration and divide up multi-packages to put one in each stocking you prepare
  23. Erasers
    Grade school kids still use pencils and therefore need erasers – look for fun shapes
  24. Beef jerky/SlimJims
  25. Makeup
    Tween/teen girls never can have too much makeup
  26. Perfume
    Get sample or travel sizes for stocking stuffers. Another item you can find multi-packs of during the holiday season and break up to share among stockings.
  27. Nail polish
  28. Manicure pen
  29. Nail clippers
  30. Nail files
  31. Keychain
  32. Lanyards
    These are used to hold keys or ID badges. Many schools and jobs require people to wear these visibly now so fun lanyards are practical.
  33. Drill bits
  34. Flashlight
  35. Tape measure
  36. 3M Command hooks
  37. Post-It Notes
  38. Golf tees
  39. Golf balls
  40. Pocket size games
    There are lots of pocket and travel sized version of classic games. Perfect for fitting inside stockings.
  41. Playing cards
  42. Fruit snacks
    Look at the grocery store for fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks, etc. Most are sold as boxes with small individual packs inside which makes it easy to split up among stockings.
  43. Hot Wheels
  44. Kazoo
  45. Crayons
  46. Mini Lego kits
    Look in the Lego aisle, toy area end caps and check out areas for small kits of Legos
  47. Glow stars for ceiling/walls
  48. Earrings
  49. Rings
  50. Bracelets
  51. Necklace
  52. Travel games
  53. Scissors
  54. Mini stuffed animals
  55. Barrettes
  56. Hair clips
  57. Hair scrunchies
  58. Comb
  59. Brush
  60. Book light
  61. Toothbrush
  62. Dental floss
  63. Mini toothpaste
  64. Candy bar
  65. Single serve snack pack
  66. Crochet hooks
  67. Knitting needles
  68. Hand sanitizer
  69. Chewing gum
  70. Dice
  71. Flower seeds
  72. Silly putty
  73. Silly string
  74. Markers
  75. Sunglasses
  76. Chocolates
  77. Pumice stone
  78. Bath bomb
  79. Votive candle
    Look for both traditional flame candles but also battery operated votives
  81. Coupon books
    Buy them already made or make your own
  82. Socks
  83. Hot cocoa packs
    Another item to buy in a box of individual packs and divide up
  84. Small puzzle books
  85. Tire pressure gauge
  86. Wire ties
    These are in the hardware/auto section of stores, made of plastic in all different sizes and very inexpensive but super useful
  87. Paring knife
  88. Pocket knife
  89. Kids fork/spoon
  90. Appetizer spreaders
  91. Super balls
  92. Travel toiletries
  93. Gas-X
    I put this on the list because I always used to get this for my dad when I was little – kind of as a joke but actually very helpful
  94. Pantyhose/knee-hi stockings
  95. Pocket tissue packets
  96. Hand lotion
  97. Hand warmer packs
  98. Finger puppets
  99. Candy filled candy canes
    You know, those plastic candy canes filled with all different types of candy
  100. Candy canes
  101. Lifesaver story books or rolls
  102. Sample sized anything
  103. Decorated pencils or pens
  104. Bottle opener
  105. Luggage tags
  106. Sleep mask
  107. Gloves
  108. Batteries
  109. Bottle stoppers
  110. Balloons
  111. Crystals
  112. Shot glass
  113. Nail polish
  114. Small desktop toys
  115. Toothpicks
  116. Hair bows
  117. Temporary tattoos
  118. Magnets
  119. Lighters
  120. Smartphone desktop holders/stands
  121. Power cords for tech
  122. Microwave popcorn packs
  123. Geodes
  124. Baby bibs
  125. Teething toys
  126. Baby rattle
  127. Rubber ducks
  128. Watercolor paints
  129. Slinky
  130. Flarp
    This comes in a little container and is a “goo” that makes fart sounds – the boys (young and old) love playing with this.
  131. Card games
  132. Sharpies
  133. Movie tickets
  134. Hats
  135. Breath mints
  136. Scarf
  137. Loofa sponge
  138. Roll of quarters
  139. Cuties (small oranges)
  140. Nuts
  141. Mini lint roller
  142. Car air fresheners
  143. Essential oils
  144. Tea bags
  145. Dish towels
  146. Meausring spoons
  147. Homemade fudge
  148. Homemade cookies
  149. Liquor – small bottles
  150. Eye pillows
  151. Mini/travel computer mouse
  152. Goldfish crackers
  153. Ink stampers
    Look in craft area – stamps with built in ink pads
  154. Bingo dobbers
  155. Honey sticks
  156. Sidewalk chalk sticks
  157. Mini notepads/notebooks
  158. Cheater glasses (readers)
  159. Yo-yo
  160. Craft glue
  161. Travel alarm clock
  162. Disposable camera
  163. Christmas ornaments
  164. Cookie cutters
  165. Spatula
  166. Wooden spoon
  167. Mini picture frame
  168. Recipe cards
  169. Coasters
  170. Spices
  171. Washi tape
    In the craft department, this is a removable decorative tape
  172. Night light
  173. Hot sauce
  174. Travel Q-tips
  175. Fruit cups
  176. Pudding cups
  177. Jell-o cups
  178. Receiving blanket
  179. Wrist baby rattles
  180. Toy animals
  181. Ring pop
  182. Drinking straws
  183. Hexbug
  184. Pipe cleaners
  185. Pom-Poms
  186. Feathers
    Look in the craft department, kids love using these!
  187. Silly putty
  188. Jump rope
  189. Dominoes
  190. Flashcards
  191. Trading cards
  192. Pins (hat, lapel, etc.)
  193. Buttons (swag, for backpack, vest, etc. to wear)
  194. Vintage candy
  195. Doll clothes
  196. Game tokens for Chuck E Cheese, Dave & Busters, etc.
  197. Whoppie cushion
  198. Model airplane glider
  199. Mini craft kits
  200. Pocket guide books
  201. Juggling balls
  202. Drum sticks
  203. Slingshot
  204. Fun house keys (blank or already cut)
    Check hardware store for key blanks in fun colors and designs, give blanks or get house keys pre-cut
  205. Key tags
  206. Juice box
  207. Compass
  208. Modeling clay
  209. Antenna ball
  210. Lottery tickets
  211. Comic books
  212. Coin purse
  213. Glitter
  214. Tights
  215. Car mount for smartphone
  216. Selfie stick
  217. Fake lottery tickets
  218. Duct tape
  219. Shower cap
  220. K-cups
  221. Bath salts
  222. Stylus
  223. Screwdriver
  224. Fishing worms/bobbers/corks
  225. Fishing line
  226. Fishing hooks
  227. Laser pointer
  228. Guitar picks
  229. Guitar strings
  230. Dental picks

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230 Stocking Stuffer Ideas!  |  Robyns.World