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There are several “services” that offer texts from Santa Claus for your kids. While you can use those you can also fake these texts on your own with the help from friends or family. Depending on the age of your kids and how tech savvy they are (kids are really savvy these days) will determine how much effort you need to put into this.

Free Texts from Santa Claus

  • Pick a friend or family member to help.
    Any of your family or friends who knows how to text can help you with this plan.
  • Change contact info.
    In your phones contacts change the name of your friend who is helping from their own name to “Santa Claus”. This way the kids, especially those who are tech savvy, see that the text is from Santa and not your friend.
  • Create text messages.
    Plan ahead and create some text messages from “Santa” for your friends to send to you for the kids. Here are a few ideas to help you, I used my granddaughters names in my examples, of course.

    • Hi Violet, this is Santa. Only 3 more days until I make my rounds to drop off your gifts on Christmas Eve!
    • Hi Valerie! Don’t forget I know when you have been naughty or nice. Be a good girl so I can bring presents for you!
    • Hi Violet – don’t forget to leave out cookies and milk for me on Christmas Eve.
    • Hi Valerie – what kinds of toys would you like Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve for you?
    • Dear Violet – thank you so much for sending me your list. The elves are working hard on making all the toys this year just for you!
    • Dear Valerie – how is the weather supposed to be on Christmas Eve in your city? Should I make sure Rudolph is with me this year?
  • Set a schedule.
    Send your planned texts to your helper and give them a schedule of when to send them to your kids.
  • Plan for replies.
    Let your kids reply to your helper Santa texts.
  • Use Message+ from Verizon
    I use Verizon’s Message+ app for my texting which lets me add photos and fun backgrounds on my text messages. Put a fun holiday background on your contact and add a photo of Santa for your contact.

Do your kids still believe in Santa? Is this information helpful?



Free Text Messages from Santa Claus for Christmas | Robyns.World

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