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We all have lots of parties and get-togethers during the Christmas and holiday season and Christmas games are always fun. I’ve gathered up some Christmas games for you and your family, friends, office, classrooms, and any other group to play during the season. Some use gifts, some do not. Pick and choose the Christmas games that will work best for your party. Don’t be afraid to adjust the details or the rules of the game to fit your Christmas party either.

Left-Right Gift Exchange Game

Everyone brings a gift. Set a minimum and maximum price range. The minimum is necessary, trust me! Everyone holds their gift as someone reads a left-right story. Each time the word RIGHT is read everyone passes their gift to the right, each time the word LEFT is read everyone passes their gift to the left. At the end of the story everyone keeps the gift in their hand and unwraps it. Here are three different stories you can download for free and use to play.

Dice Doubles Gift Exchange Game

You need a pair of dice and something to roll them (a box top works great). If you have lots of people playing you might want multiple sets of dice. I suggest one pair of dice for every 10 people playing. Everyone brings a gift, set a minimum and maximum dollar amount, and again, you need that minimum value too. All the gifts go in the center of the room. Start the game with the sets of dice spaced out. Each person rolls both dice and if they get doubles they get to pick a gift out of the center. Keep passing the dice around until everyone has a gift. Everyone unwraps their gift. Then, if you want to keep going, now you start rolling the dice again for a set amount of time, 5-10 minutes. This time if someone gets doubles they can swap their gift with anyone else. When the timer ends everyone keeps their gift in hand.

Christmas Tree Ornament Guess

When you decorate your tree keep count of how many ornaments you put on it. Have each guest guess the number of ornaments on the tree and right their name and guess on a piece of paper. The person with the closest guess wins the prize!

Christmas Charades

Divide into teams and act out, without speaking, holiday related words and phrases. The team with the most points wins.

Christmas Pictionary

Provide a large easel and markers. Divide into 2 teams. Take turns selecting a word/phrase and the drawer tries to get their team to guess correctly within 60 seconds. The team with the most points wins.

Candy Canes (aka Spoons card game)

Count the number of players. Place that many candy canes, minus one, in the middle of the table. For example if you have 6 players you would start with 5 candy canes. Deal 4 cards to each person. The dealer keeps the deck by them. Now simultaneously everyone passes one card to the left and the dealer takes a new card off the top of the deck. Keep passing the cards until someone has 4 of a kind. When a player gets 4 of a kind they grab a candy cane. Everyone has to pay attention and as soon as someone grabs one they have to grab one also. The person who does not have a candy cane is out (kind of like musical chairs). Remove one candy cane from the game and place the remaining back in the center of the table. Shuffle the cards and deal again. Keep repeating until the last round where their is only one candy cane and the first person to get 4 of a kind wins.

Christmas Trivia (link to my trivia)

Trivia questions can be used in a number of different ways. You can print out my list of 40 Christmas Trivia Questions for any game you like. Suggestions are having each person write down the answers as you read the questions out loud. You can divide into teams. Really the possibilities are endless.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Divide the players into teams. Each team is given the same list and then you go out into the neighborhood or building and each time tries to collect as many of the items on the list. Set a time limit that the teams have to return by. The team with the most items wins. You can also make it a little harder by giving different point values to different items. The more unlikely items should have higher point values.

Christmas Ornament on a Spoon Relay Race

Divide guests into teams. Each time will divide into two, one at each end of game area. Give each team a round Christmas ornament and a small spoon. Each team member takes a turn walking as quickly as they can balancing the ornament on the spoon and racing to the opposite end and then hands off to the next person on their team. If the ornament falls off at anytime that person has to go back to their starting line. The first team to finish all the players wins the game.

Christmas Name That Tune

Create a selection of Christmas carols on your smartphone/tablet/laptop. Give each person a piece of paper and a pen. Play each song only for a few seconds and have the player write down their guess as to what the song is. The player with the most correct answers wins the game.

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game (feeling items inside stocking)

Have a hidden selection of different items. Christmas items are good like ornament, candy cane, plastic icicles, bows, etc. Place the item, without players seeing, into a Christmas stocking. Pass the stocking around and let each player feel inside, without looking, for just a moment or two. Have the players write down their guess for each item. The player with the most correct answers wins.

Christmas Cookie Move

Each player gets a cookie. Have them all put the cookie on their forehead (they will lean their heads back). Say go and the first person to get the cookie into their mouth, without using their hands, wins the game. If a cookie drops they are either out or, if they want, they can pick up the cookie and start again on their forehead.

Ornament Toss

You will need a soft and unbreakable Christmas ornament and a Christmas wreath. You can either lay the wreath on the floor or hang from the ceiling. Have players attempt to get the ornament thru/in the wreath.

Pin the nose on Rudolph

Print or draw a reindeer on a large piece of paper and hang on the wall. Cut out circles out of red construction paper. Have each player write their name on their paper circle. Put double sided tape on the back side of each “nose”. Blindfold each player and spin them around three times. Point them towards the Rudolph and have them “pin” (tape) their nose on. The player with the best placement wins the game.

Multi-Wrapped Gift Game

Wrap up a gift in many layers of boxes and paper, nesting them inside of each other. Provide a set of two dice. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice. If they get doubles on their roll they get to unwrap a layer of the gift. Keep passing the dice and unwrapping layers. The winner is the person who unwraps the actual gift and gets to keep it.

Santa Says (like Simon says)

This game is played just like Simon Says except the caller says “Santa Says…” instead of “Simon Says…” When the players here the caller start with “Santa Says” they do what the caller says. If the caller does not start with “Santa Says” and the player still does the action they are out. The last player standing wins the game.

Penguin Waddle Game Relay

Divide players into teams. Each team gets an inflated balloon. Each team divides in two and puts one half on each side of the playing area. On the start the 1st player place the balloon between their knees and waddles, like a penguin, to the other end and hands the balloon off to the next team player. If the balloon is dropped the player has to go back to where they started and start over. The first team to have all players finish wins the game.

Holiday ABCs

Each player gets a piece of paper and a pen. Have them write down the letters A-Z, one per line. Set a timer for 5 minutes or so. Start the timer and tell players to write down a holiday word or phrase that starts with each letter of the alphabet. At the end of the timer, compare lists. If someone else has the same word it doesn’t count. The person with the most unique answers wins the game.

Christmas Clay Creations

Played just like Pictionary but instead of drawing you use Play-Doh! Use my Christmas Pictionary list for this game also.

Hot Present (hot potato)

Wrap up a small gift. Everyone sits in a circle. Give the gift to one player. Play Christmas carols and stop occasionally. Whomever has the “hot present” when the music stops is out and leaves the circle. Keep going until you are left with 2 players. The last person caught with the hot present is out and the remaining player wins and gets to open the gift and keep it.

Did you find a new game to play during your holiday parties in this post? Which one sounds most fun? Do you have a different game you play at holiday parties?



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