Tips on how to get more Twitter followers #twitter @RobynsWorld

Have you wondered how to get more Twitter followers. Twitter has evolved quite a bit since it started but there are many basic things that remain the same in gaining a larger Twitter following without buying followers. Twitter is still one of the strongest social media networks to use.

I have been on Twitter for many years now, follow me @RobynsWorld, and have just under 25,000 followers and these are organic and have been obtained by following the tips I’ve outlined below.

  1. Have a Real Photo

    Don’t use stock photo or other icon and certainly do not use the default Twitter image. The exception to this rule would be for a corporation or major established brand to use a company logo. Twitter is a social network and that means it is about people – give a real photo of yourself. Try to keep your photo across all social networks the same for continuity.

  2. Have a Bio

    Make sure you edit your Twitter profile page to include a custom bio. Include keywords and topics that describe you and what you tweet about. Be sure to check any links you add as well and don’t use a shortener url for it.

  3. Keep Pinned Tweet Updated

    If you use the feature to pin a tweet to the top of your Twitter page make sure it is updated. It shouldn’t be more than 30 days old. Older tweets that are pinned look like the person is not updating there account regularly. It is okay if you want to use the same text and images, just send a new tweet with that each 30 days so you can pin the latest.

  4. Follow Legitimate and Relevant Accounts

    Don’t automatically follow everyone who follows you. Many will be bots, spammers, and irrelevant. Take time to look at bios, recent tweets, and avatars of those who follow you to see if they are worth following back.

  5. Be Active on Twitter

    The more active you are on Twitter, with live tweets, not just scheduled, and that you are interacting with other the more likely others will be to follow you.

  6. Tweet Things of Value

    Along with sharing your own blog posts and information be sure to answer questions, share opinions, and RT relevant information

  7. Ask for Followers on Other Networks

    Don’t be afraid to ask your followers on other networks to follow you on Twitter also!

  8. Use Relevant Hashtags

    On the main page of Twitter you can see the hashtags (#) that are tending. Use those if they are appropriate for you content. Only use 1 or 2 hashtags per tweet though, Twitter is not the same as Instagram – less is more on Twitter.

  9. Don’t Buy Followers

    There are tons of accounts that are on Twitter that advertise buying Twitter followers. Save your money. These are not real people account, but bots that follow people and use automation to create lists that will follow you back. Yes, your numbers will rise but your engagement level will go down actually.

  10. Share Tips and Help

    Whatever is your niche or specialty, no matter how wide or narrow, be sure to post useful information regularly in your Twitter feed that is original to you to help new followers find you.

  11. Create Lists

    Creating your own Twitter lists of Twitter users based on categories helps make you seem more authoritative. For example create a list for news feeds, foodies, parenting, politics, automobiles, etc. and then place users on the appropriate lists as you follow them.

  12. Watch Lists of Others

    When you do find other Twitter users who are very relevant for you make sure you take time to look at any lists they have created on Twitter as well for another source of people to follow and those that may follow you back.

  13. Join in Twitter Chats and Twitter Parties

    Watch for those who are hosting or participating on chats and parties on Twitter that are relevant. Participating in these can gain you very relative followers.

  14. Make Finding You on Twitter Easy

    On your blog, website, Facebook, and all other places be sure to include your Twitter link prominently so your readers and followers can easily connect with you.

How do you find more followers on Twitter? What tips above did you find most helpful?