military parade

Now President Trump wants a “grand military parade” to showcase the “might of American’s armed forces”. Ugh.

Let me give you a few points about my political opinions first:

  1. I am always anti-war. This doesn’t mean I don’t understand that the way our world works and that wars will continue to happen, big and small. But my take is always peace, love and diplomacy first.
  2. I am not anti-military personnel. I appreciate those that are willing, and sadly sometimes forced, to sign up for the military. Not only the actual enlisted by also the families that often make great sacrifices as well.
  3. I don’t want President Trump to fail. No, I do not like his views or his acts as a president thus far, but I never want a president to fail.

Now, back to this parade.

I honestly do not feel this is a want of President Trump to support our military. It is an attempt for him to try and display power and feel superior to others. What other countries are really questioning the military strength of the United States military? Maybe North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, but he has the same personality issues as Trump does it seems. Both trying to show off who has the biggest penis in essence. Ridiculous. Animals do this in the wild, the males have lots of displays to ward off other males and to attract mates, but while we are still animals at the core we are also (supposed to be) intelligent and thinking.

Having military in parades is not my issue either. I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, Arnold, and we had “Arnold Days” each year which included a giant parade. There were military and retired military always in the parade. Our family has a lake house in Perry, Missouri and they have an annual 4th of July parade that also includes lots of military. There are other festivals and events in the St. Louis area, including the St. Louis Air Show, that include military on the ground and in the air. Along with all these parades there are tons of museums and military bases that allow people to visit and appreciate the history and current might of our American military. If someone in the United States has no idea about these things that will allow them to show their appreciation and support for our military in their own community then they need to open their eyes and ears.

The cost of such a grand national military parade is estimated to be about $20 million. There are plenty of other ways to spend that much money that would actually benefit our military. How about better healthcare for our vets? How about better mental health care for our vets? What about better necessary personal equipment for active military in combat areas? How about more support for families of the military? How about increasing the death gratuity payment for families of those who died?

Military branches all regularly do training and testing of all kinds. Instead of throwing a wasteful parade why not try filming some of these events where they happen and share them on TV and the internet? The cost of a small film crew is much smaller than a giant wasteful parade. You probably don’t even have to hire a film crew. Instead just invite the media who would be happy to report on these things I bet.

Please really think about this topic and let your elected officials, including President Trump, know how you feel about this waste of money.

Do you think we really need a giant parade? Do you think we should be able to acknowledge the sacrifice of military in our own communities? How else do you think we could better spend $20 million?