Disclosure  |  Robyns.World

Here on my blog I always try to be transparent. This blog started as a hobby and just kept growing. This has given me the chance to work with brands in different ways over the years. Regardless of how I work with them I still give you my honest opinions – promise!

On specific blog posts I will give information as needed when I work with a brand. But for an overall view of things you might find on my blog and all of my social media channels:

  • Ambassadorships
    I love working with brands for longer periods of time as an ambassador. This means that I am working with that brand to share about my experiences with their products and services. These programs all are unique but sometimes I am paid for my work, sometimes I get free products and services, sometimes I get to participate in special events, and generally there is a combination of all of these things. I never work as an ambassador with a company that I don’t believe in. It has to be a brand that I really do use and can share my true thoughts about. I have turned down lots of offers over the years for things that just do not fit well for me.
  • Hosting Events
    There are some companies I work with to host events like Twitter chats, Facebook chats, and other interactive programs. I am paid for this work but I still will share my own opinions and I will not work in this way if I don’t believe in the company.
  • Product Reviews
    These are not necessarily long term relationships with brands, but they have provided me with products, services, or information for me to share my thoughts and ideas about. I am sometimes also paid as well, but that never changes my opinion.
  • Affiliate Links
    There are a few companies that I have decided to sign up as an affiliate with. This means that when I share about products I will have a specially coded link to their site and if you end up clicking that link and buying from them that I get a small percentage or set fee from them.
  • Advertisements
    I do work with some advertisers as well and I am paid by them based on views or clicks or a combination of both. I try to keep these ads at a minimum and restrict certain kinds of content from being displayed here on my blog.

Often I have already been a consumer of brands that I end up working with or I become a loyal customer after trying out that brand. This means I may still talk about that brand just on my own without any type of additional compensation from them.

If you are ever unsure if there is some sort of compensated connection between myself and a brand, please feel free to ask me about it. I have nothing to hide at all.