Robyn’s Technology World

Robyn's Technology World

I am a geek and happy to call myself that. For as long as I can remember I loved computers and gadgets. Why I am not exactly sure, but the urge was there right from the start. In my circle of family and friends I am a go to person for any tech related questions and am happy to offer my help and advice.

I love trying out new devices of all kinds – desktop computers and laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart home devices, gadgets of all types. My love for technology, along with this blog, has allowed me to be able to try out even more tech over the years – which I am so grateful for!

robyn at microsoft headquarter

Microsoft is one of my favorite companies. I’ve been honored to work with them for various different campaigns over the years for the Windows operating systems, Surface tablets, Windows computers, Office, Windows Phones, Bing search engine, Skype, and so much more. I was a fan of Windows before I started working with them and will continue to be always. This does not mean I am anti-Apple, it is just not something I’ve worked with a lot, other than having an iPhone years ago.

Robyn's Latest Droid for Verizon

Verizon is another favorite company of mine to work with and I have been doing so since 2011. My personal family wireless is with Verizon as well because they truly have proven themselves to be the most reliable service to me over all these years. On Friday afternoon be sure to join me on Twitter at 3pm ET for a Twitter chat about mobile living and how to use your mobile devices and accessories in your everyday life. We always have a ton of fun and there are great prizes too.

Lenovo Yoga

My Lenovo Yoga laptop is my current favorite, and most often used, computer. It is amazing! I even got Hubby the same computer.


Robyn is an app addict

I am crazy about apps for all my devices! There are plenty of apps that I try out and share with you here on my blog and I even have some tutorials like how to install and uninstall apps.

One of my earliest memories is going to a local computer store that was next door to a restaurant my family visited often when I was a child. I think it may have been an Apple store, but I’m not sure. What I do remember is that I could go in the store and play with the computers and I loved every second of it. When I was in junior high (early 1980’s) we got our first computer in our home. It was a Texas Instrument computer and we had it hooked up to an old TV for the monitor. The books that came with it had BASIC computer codes in it that I would sit and diligently type in just to make something silly and simple appear on the screen but it made me happy. We got a dot-matrix printer at some point also and so that made writing and printing my first term paper so much easier and my friends wanted to use it for the same purpose.

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